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A minimalistic (but powerful) app for searching within Facebook groups


Drag the button above into your bookmark toolbar.
After, when you are in a Facebook group wall page click it and go!

If you don't know how to install it, ask Google for help.

Finally, at the end of April, Facebook added the search within groups. So now you have a better way to make your searches. But, since there are people that prefer the user experience of GroupSearcher I will not improve the app but I will not discontinue it :)

Brief History

I was the co-admin of an open Facebook group. About once a week someone was asking something like: "this group is very useful but it is impossible to find older content, especially for new users. Can't we switch to a forum or a mailing list?".

Jan. 17 — I posted about this problem asking for ideas. My thought was that an external tool was useless because the community has built itself organically inside the Facebook group. They are on Facebook and want to stay there without opening another window. I felt an internal tool was needed. The only possibility was to create a Facebook app, trying not to violate Facebook's policy.

Jan. 18 — I spent the day coding, and around 8 p.m. version 0.1.1 of Group Searcher was ready. It only searched the content of posts, no links attachments or comments, with support for AND and OR operators. It was a good start, and the group gave me a lot of feedback.

Jan. 21 — Version 0.1.2 was released adding the search within attachments and a first attempt at searching by author. Again, I received a lot of feedback, with very good suggestions particularly by Fabio Labianca and Andrea Giannangelo.

Jan. 23 — The version 0.1.3 is out. The search by author seems to work well. I also improved the bookmarklet and added the number of likes and comments to the search results, as it's a good indicator of the quality of the discussion.

Privacy Policy

GroupSearcher uses the Facebook APIs and the Facebook Javascript SDK to search data directly in the browser. No data is ever sent to, passed through or archived on GroupSearcher's server. Because of this, the privacy of the user's data is guaranteed to remain within Facebook.

What you can see or not see depends on your Facebook rights. GroupSearcher uses data which has been pre-filtered by Facebook. You will only see results that Facebook deems you are authorized to access. This ensures the privacy of Facebook users other than yourself.


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